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SDRC Recovery Walk

SDRC t-shirt


ABOUT THE EVENT: "The UK Recovery Walk 2010 took place on Saturday 25 September, the first time the event had been hosted in Scotland. There was singing, dancing and laughter as approximately 1500 people from across the UK came together to show that recovery is a reality. It was a reflective and emotional time for many - some were moved to tears by the symbol of hope and support from the sheer numbers of those walking for recovery."




I created the identity for the event and produced a wide range of printed material, including flyers, maps and the stage backdrops as well as merchandising items such as the above t-shirts and bags. E-newsletters communicated developments during the build up.

It was a great experience to be involved with the event and it was amazing to see the whole thing happen on the day. Thankfully the weather was excellent.


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leaflets on grass
Here is the routemap


T-shirt photo by Becky Duncan.