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Trafalgar Tavern Greenwich

trafalgar logo 175 years

Trafalgar Tavern is celebrating it's 175 birthday in 2012. The above 'commemorative' logo will be used to brand the 175th celebrations, taking place throughout the year.

An extract from their website:

“In Victorian London there was one pub that represented the best of Britain’s naval might and cultural standing. A place where William Gladstone and Charles Dickens could be seen dining side-by-side. An oasis away from the industrial sprawls, but yet at the center of an Empire. Exactly 175 years later the Trafalgar Tavern still stands in the Greenwich Maritime World Heritage Site, and it remains one of London’s most essential public houses."

trafalgar on screen

You can view the website here


trafalgar tavern about page


The logo and website were both commissioned by Red Amber Green Agency in Glasgow, for their client INC GROUP.